Subs & Fines

Low Cost Football

Playing football at Kingston Park is an inexpensive way to have fun and get fit. All of our coaches are complete volunteers. We charge the lowest ‘subs’ of any club in our area – and every single penny is spent on the players.

Player Subscriptions (Subs)

Your subs include all strips, pitch fees, match fees, referee fees insurance, league fees, affiliation fees, insurance and 22 weeks winter training on the 3G surface at Kenton School.

Subs for season 2021/2022 are £175.00 per player from 1st October ’21 to 30th September ’22.

Subs are be paid by standing order of £25 per month from 1st October ’21 and on the first day of the month thereafter until the last payment on 1st April ’22. No payments are due from 1st April until 30th September. Payments can only be made by standing order.

Subs for players who only train with the club, and who are not registered to play in matches and who are not provided with a match strip pay only £105.00 for the whole year.

Payments for all options should be made to our main club bank account.

  • Sort Code: 09-02-22
  • Account No: 10767166
  • Account Name: Kingston Park CAFC
  • Please add a reference to your single payment or your monthly standing order. For example, a player called John Smith in the U9s who are coached by April Jones should have the following reference ‘U9 AJ J Smith’. Do ask your team manager if you are not sure what reference to use but do not set up a standing order without any reference.

    Please message your team manager confirming your standing order is in place and what reference you have added.

    Members not properly setting up a standing order or falling into arrears shall be suspended from training and matches with immediate effect, and will only be allowed to return when confirmation is provided that the standing order is properly established and all arrears have been paid.

    Please do respect the many hours of unpaid, voluntary work needed by your club officials to manage this system on your behalf. Your positive cooperation will mean that their valuable but voluntary contribution is as efficient as possible.

    Policies on Refunds of Subs

    A refund equivalent of one month subs shall be paid if a player is absent due to illness or injury from training or matches for an entire month.

    The start date for qualification shall be the date at which the team manager informs in writing the club secretary or the club treasurer of the absence. An email or text message will suffice.

    The end date for qualification shall be the first date on which the player returns to training or matches.

    Since the qualifying period is one month, it is expected that the player will ordinarily have examined by a doctor (but the club will have no right to ask questions about that examination).

    No refund shall be offered if:

    a) the player leaves the club or is excluded from membership on disciplinary grounds

    b) simply chooses not to attend training or matches

    c) the player leaves the club during the season and then returns later in the season

    Temporary Suspension of all Football Activities

    The Football Association may suspend all football activities from time to time.

    Should the Football Association suspend all football activities the Chair of the Club shall call an Extra Ordinary General Meeting of all club members to consider what action to take as soon as sufficient information is known about the likely form and duration of that suspension.

    Your Fines Explained

    Our club has an excellent record of discipline on and off the pitch. Red and yellow cards are rare. The adult member or guardian(s) of any player charged by the Football Association with any of the offences listed below shall be held responsible without appeal for the payment of any fine levied upon the club.

    • Dissent by Word or Action
    • Serious Foul Play
    • Violent Conduct
    • Spitting
    • Using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures.

    You will automatically lose your membership if you do not repay these fines within 28 days. All of these offences shall be reported for possible further action by the Code of Conduct Committee. All other charges for other offences shall be reported to the Code of Conduct Committee. That committee will decide who shall repay any fines levied upon the club or whether the club shall not seek repayment.