Below you can find answers to some of the questions we get asked most often.

On what days do you play matches?

Younger teams play matches on a Saturday morning. Older teams play on a Sunday morning or early afternoon.

Does everyone get selected to play in matches?

Provided you attend training on a regular basis, turn up on time wearing the correct kit, follow our Code of Conduct, and you have a full record of subs paid, team managers, especially at the younger age groups, will try their very best to give every players a roughly equal amount of time on the field of play. Older players tend to want to compete more so team selection may be more based upon effort, application and development.

Must players wear boots and shinpads?

Yes - at all times for reasons of safety and of our insurance policy.

Do your coaches get paid?

No - all our coaches are volunteers. They do not receive a penny in return for their valuable time so kindly given.

Who runs the club?

We have a Central Committee comprised of representatives of each team. It meets monthly during the season. The Central Committee is responsible for Safeguarding, Conduct, Financial Management (including most expenditures) and Events. Our team managers also meet monthly and they are responsible for all matters that happen on the field of play.

Can girls play?

Yes. We are delighted to welcome girls at all age groups! Indeed, two girls who started with our club at U8 age group went on to play for England at U16 level. Younger girls very often see no problem at all in playing football in mixed gender teams. In fact, girls at young age groups tend to be better players than the boys ! Older girls though,sometimes want to play in 'all girls' teams and so move on to other clubs with a specialist girls structure. But we always leave the decision to players and their adult members.

Where do you train?

During the winter months we train on either a Tuesday or Thursday on the 3G surface under floodlights at Kenton School. During the Summer months from April until the end of September we train on the grass pitches at Kenton School.

How much are subs?

Player Subscriptions (Subs)

Your subs include all strips, pitch fees, match fees, referee fees insurance, league fees, affiliation fees, insurance and 22 weeks winter training on the 3G surface at Kenton School.

Subs for season 2020/2021 are £175.00 per player from 1st October '20 to 30th September '21.

Subs are be paid by standing order of £25 per month from 1st October ’20 and on the first day of the month thereafter until the last payment on 1st April ’21. Payments can only be made by standing order.

Subs for players who only train with the club, and who are not registered to play in matches and who are not provided with a match strip will pay £15.00 per month from 1st October ’20 to 1st April ’21.

How do I pay my subs?

All subs are collected using standard orders. We are unable to accept cash payments.

Standing orders should be set to make payments on the 1st day of each month from 1st October 2020 to 1st April 2021 inclusive. Please do not set up the payment for any other day in the month.

Payment should be made to our main club bank account.

Sort Code: 09-02-22
Account No: 10767166
Account Name: Kingston Park Mini Soccer
Please add a reference to your single payment or your monthly standing order. For example, a player called John Smith in the U9s who are coached by April Jones should have the following reference ‘U9 AJ J Smith’. Do ask your team manager if you are not sure what reference to use but do not set up a standing order without any reference.

Can I get a refund on subs paid?

Policies on Refunds of Subs

A refund equivalent of one month subs shall be paid if a player is absent due to illness or injury from training or matches for an entire month.

The start date for qualification shall be the date at which the team manager informs in writing the club secretary or the club treasurer of the absence. An email or text message will suffice.

The end date for qualification shall be the first date on which the player returns to training or matches.

Since the qualifying period is one month, it is expected that the player will ordinarily have examined by a doctor (but the club will have no right to ask questions about that examination).

No refund shall be offered if:

a) the player leaves the club or is excluded from membership on disciplinary grounds

b) simply chooses not to attend training or matches

c) the player leaves the club during the season and then returns later in the season