Sign On to play for Kingston Park

Parents and guardians can register individual players with our club for season 2016/2017. The season starts on 1st September 2016 and ends on 31st May 2017.

You should use this form when invited to do so by your team manager and AFTER setting up your standing order to pay monthly subscriptions.

Please complete all 4 sections of this form.

Section 1. About Your Player

This is required for our Charter Status

We always welcome girls and boys equally.

Please let us know of any known medical conditions.

I hereby give consent for my player to receive emergency medical attention.

At times the club may wish to take photographs or videos of the team or individuals within it. We adhere to strict FA Guidelines which ensure the name of no player will ever be identifiable from any image. Adult members are not allowed to take pictures or videos. Do you agree?

Section 2. Your Standing Order to Pay Subscriptions.

All subs are collected using standard orders. No other method is used.

Subs are £20.00 per calendar month from September to April inclusive for players registered to play in a team and £5.00 per month for players who simply train with us.

The subs for this season now includes the cost of 22 training sessions on the 3G under floodlights at Kenton School.

Standing orders should be set to make payments on the 1st of each month from September 2016 to April 2017 inclusive. Please ensure the payment is made on no other date in the month.


Please set up your Standing Order as follows:

It is important that a reference is added to your Standing Order. This MUST be in the format of age group, managers initials, player initial and surname (in that order) e.g. U16 KR J.SMITH.

Section 3. About You as a Parent or Guardian

Enter here the number on which you wish to contacted on a regular basis e.g. for texts about matches and training.

Enter here a second number which we can also use if needed.

Your Address

Section 4. Adult Code of Conduct

Adult members and players are required at all times to comply with our Code of Conduct.

Breaches of the code will result in action being taken by the club, or by the County FA or national FA

Our Code of Conduct requires adult members to:

Emergency Access

Emergency access must be kept clear at all times at Kenton School. The emergency access is off the public bridleway adjacent to Manor Farm Cottages. It is clearly marked.

Our Code of Conduct requires adult members to:

You will automatically lose your membership of our club if park or drop off at Manor Farm Cottages.

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