Step One. Setting Up Your Standing Order

The first of 3 easy steps is to set up your Standing Order.

Playing football at Kingston Park is an inexpensive way to have fun and get fit. All of our coaches are volunteers. We charge the lowest 'subs' of any club in our area - and every single penny is spent on the players.

Your subs include all training and match fees, strips, league and pitch fees, referee fees, insurance etc. It also includes 22 winter sessions under floodlights on the 3G playing surface at Kenton school.

The summer months are completely free of charge ! No subs at all are paid from 1st May to 31st August inclusive. You do not need to pay anything for the first calendar month whenever you join the club.

All subs are collected using standard orders. We are unable to accept cash payments. Subs are £20.00 per calendar month from September 2017 to April 2018 inclusive for players registered to play in a team and £5 per month for players who simply train with us.

No subs are due if a player misses a whole calendar month for reasons of injury or illness provided the manager is informed at the start of the absence.

A full month of subs is due if a player plays or trains on one occaision in a calendar month. No refund is therefore due if you choose to leave during that calendar month.

Please set up a standing order to the following account

  • Sort Code: 20-59-42

  • Account No: 70385956

  • Account Name: Kingston Park Mini Soccer

Standing orders should be set to make payments on the 1st day of each month from September 2017 to April 2018 inclusive. Please do not set up the payment for any other day in the month.

Please ensure that you set up your standing order so that the last payment is paid on 1st April 2018

It is important you add a reference to the standing order. This should include the following: age group, managers initials, players initial and surname (in that order) e.g. U7 KR A.PLAYER. Your team manager can advise you on this reference.