Step Two. Adult Codes of Conduct

Our adult members almost always demonstrate superb sporting conduct. It is a record of which we are very proud.

Our FA Charter Status means adult members must at all times to abide by our Code of Conduct which requires adults to:

  • Remain outside the field of play and behind the Designated Spectators Area.
  • Never engage in, or tolerate, offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour
  • Always respect the decisions of match officials.
  • Applaud effort and good play of both teams as well as their success
  • Remember that children play for fun
  • Let the coaches do their job and not confuse the players by telling them what to do
  • Encourage players to respect the opposition and match officials.
  • Never criticise a player for making a mistake – mistakes are part of learning
  • Never question the manager’s decision on team selection or tactics.
  • Pay any fine levied by the F.A.
  • Arrive on time at the start and end of each session or match

Breaches of the code will result in action being taken by the club, or by the County FA or national FA.

Emergency Access

Emergency access must be kept clear at all times at Kenton School. The emergency access is off the public bridleway adjacent to Manor Farm Cottages. It is clearly marked.

Our Code of Conduct also requires adult members to:

  • Use the official designated car park within Kenton School
  • Not to park at any time on or the near the public bridleway adjacent to Manor Farm Cottages.
  • Not to 'drop off' or 'pick up' any player or supporter from on or near that bridleway.

You will automatically lose your membership of our club if park or drop off at Manor Farm Cottages.