Terms & Conditions

There shall be two classes of membership. These shall be known as Player and Adult.

The club shall consider applications for Player membership from young people of both sexes in Kingston Park and the surrounding area. Players shall be allocated to the team which corresponds to their correct age and sex group. Players shall not be rejected for membership solely on the basis of their ability to play football. No distinction shall be made between those players who are chosen to be formally registered to play competitive representative matches and those who continue to benefit from training sessions without being so selected. Where too many players seek membership of any age group, the club shall make every effort to establish further teams to accommodate this demand. As a rough guide, the club considers that the optimum ratio between players and anyone single Manager to be no more than 15: 1. This ratio may be increased for older age groups. This flexibility depends upon the willingness of Adult members to come forward to act as Managers.

Members shall be given by their representative on the Central Committee a copy of this constitution and all appropriate policies within one month of joining the club. Managers are responsible for ensuring that all new adult members sign a copy of the Parents Charter.

The interests of Players shall be  represented at Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings by up to two Adult Members with whom they have a family relationship. Players may attend Annual or Extraordinary General Meetings as observers but they shall have no entitlement to vote.

Player and Adult members can resign their membership by giving 21 days notice in a letter to the Secretary. The Code of Conduct Committee may terminate or suspend the membership of any Player, if in its opinion, the conduct of that Player is prejudicial to the interests of the club provided that the Player or his/her representative Adult member shall have the right to appeal to an independent arbitrator appointed by the Football Association. The decision of that arbitrator will be final. Any adult member threatening to take or taking any form of legal action against the club shall have their membership ended automatically and with immediate effect by the Code of Conduct Committee without the right to any appeal.

Any adult member making vexatious allegations against any club official, manager or coach shall have their membership ended automatically and with immediate effect by the Code of Conduct Committee subject only a right of appeal to the Northumberland Football Association